FREE SVG: I Put The Boo In Boujee


Have you ever wanted to learn how to make your own SVGs and sell them on Etsy? In 2020 I sold my SVG files on Etsy and earned $22K. If you're a handmade artist you want to add additional streams of income and creating a digital product is a must have. 

Grab the Digital Design Bundle for ONLY $97 HERE!

1. Learn How To Create and Sell SVGs- the easy way

2. Learn How To Design and Sell Digital Products- over the weekend

3. Learn How To Successfully Sell On Etsy- Etsy Ebook and Planner included

PLUS: FREE Live training on How To Make Money On Etsy During The Holidays on October 24th @ 6:30 PM CST

Download this SVG  HERE

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  • I was a little scared, but I’m pushing through. I think I need more classes. Thank you for all you do.

    Terry Hamilton

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