All You Need To Know About Master Resell Rights (MRR)

All You Need To Know About Master Resell Rights (MRR)

What Exactly Is MRR?

Ever heard of MRR and thought, "What's all the buzz about?"

Master Resell Rights is a licensing agreement that grants individuals the legal authority to resell a specific digital product, complete with its sales materials. What sets MRR apart is the added perk of allowing customers not just to use the product but also to resell it. It's like having your own virtual franchise, where you not only sell the product but empower others to do the same.


  • Private Label Rights (PLR): Beyond reselling, PLR permits modification and rebranding. However, it may not extend to reselling the rights themselves. For example you purchased a PLR e-book about fitness. With PLR, you have the right not only to sell the e-book but also to rebrand it. You can put your logo on it, tweak the content, and even claim authorship. However, your customers don't have the right to resell it.
  • Master Resell Rights (MRR): This is where the versatility kicks in. MRR not only allows you to sell the product but also enables your customers to become resellers, creating a potential chain of distribution. You purchased a MRR e-course on digital marketing. With MRR, you can sell the e-course as is, but the magic happens when you grant your customers the right to resell it, they become sellers too.

Embracing The Advantages Of Master Resell Rights

1. Multiple Revenue Streams: MRR opens doors to not only direct sales but also profits from enabling others to do the same, creating a cascade of revenue streams.

2. Ready-Made Business: MRR products often come bundled with sales materials—think sales pages, graphics, and email swipes—streamlining your marketing efforts and saving precious time.

3. Niche Expansion: Leveraging MRR products enables you to venture into diverse niches, irrespective of your expertise in those fields.

4. Brand Exposure: As your customers resell the product, your brand gains exposure to a broader audience, potentially resulting in increased sales for your other products or services.

Navigating the Legal and Ethical Landscape

While MRR presents a plethora of opportunities, it's imperative to navigate the legal and ethical terrain:

1. Compliance: Adherence to the terms and conditions outlined by the MRR provider is non-negotiable. Violating these terms can have legal repercussions.

2. Quality Control: Uphold your reputation by scrutinizing the quality of MRR products. Selling subpar items can tarnish your standing with customers.

3. Transparency: Clearly communicate the terms and rights associated with the products you sell. Transparency builds trust and credibility in your business.

MRR products can be a powerful addition to your online business strategy, offering opportunities to diversify income streams and reach wider audiences.

Interested in getting started on this digital journey. Check out our MRR digital library HERE.

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