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How To Be A Six Figure Crafter Ebook Bundle

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How To Be A Six Figure Crafter Ebook Bundle
How To Be A Six Figure Crafter Ebook Bundle

Hi, I'm Quiana and I'm an online creative business coach. I teach hundreds of crafters, artists, and makers how to turn their hobby into a successful business that brings them happiness, fulfillment and lots of money! If you've taken any of my courses or purchased any of my other ebooks. I provide valuable information that you can immediately apply and see results. I'm NO FLUFF!!!

This (3) ebook bundle will help you along your journey of entrepreneurship. Whether you're a crafter, artist, or maker it's very possible to make 6 figures in a year! These 3 ebooks are jam packed with proven strategies that I've done and still do in order to run my six figure craft business. I don't share my earrings to brag but to show you how it's possible to make good money by doing what you love. 

Disclaimer: These books only work if you work. There is a wealth of information in these books. Making 6 figures doesn't happen over night, at least for me it didn't. But  if you're consistent and show up in your business every day, you too can become a six figure crafter!

Ebook #1: Apps and Tools I Use To Run MY 6 Figure Craft Biz: Have you ever wondered how someone is able to achieve a certain look on their website? Well I share all my apps and tools.

Ebook #2: 20 Ways To Make $20K In A Month: In order to make money online, you have to learn how to sale online. I share 20 practical tips that I do every month in order to make $20K.

Ebook #3: How To Turn Your Hobby Into A Successful Biz. Did you know that it's possible to make money by doing what you love? You've heard the saying "if you do what you love then it never feels like work"

Get all ebooks for only $10! That's $3.33 each (normally each book is $10 each)

Digital Download. Not physical copy will be sent.

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