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"T-Shirt Boss" Done-For-You Online Course

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"T-Shirt Boss" Done-For-You Online Course
"T-Shirt Boss" Done-For-You Online Course
"T-Shirt Boss" Done-For-You Online Course
"T-Shirt Boss" Done-For-You Online Course
"T-Shirt Boss" Done-For-You Online Course
"T-Shirt Boss" Done-For-You Online Course
"T-Shirt Boss" Done-For-You Online Course
"T-Shirt Boss" Done-For-You Online Course

In the "T-Shirt Boss" Done-For-You Online Course

You don’t need to know how to write or be a wordsmith. If you know how to copy and paste, you can do this!

Using our amazing DONE-FOR-YOU course will take away all the struggles and stress of creating your online course.

When you invest in our done for you course you get instant access to everything you need to start selling your course immediately!

We created the complete T-shirt Boss “Done For You” Online Course to help your students start their t-shirt business.

You will be teaching your students….

  • 3 different t-shirt printing methods ( vinyl printing, print on demand printing, and screen print transfers)
  • equipment needed
  • how to choose a niche market for their t-shirts 
  • how to design t-shirts without any graphic design experience
  • vendors and suppliers that will grow their t-shirt business 
  • how to price their t-shirts
  • how to create t-shirt mockups
  • how to package and ship their t-shirt orders
  • how to price their t-shirts
  • how to market and sell their t-shirts

Who is this course for?

  • anyone who wants to start a t-shirt printing business
  • anyone who wants to sell t-shirts and earn extra money
  • this course is designed to make learning easy for beginners

We’ve included everything you need in order to sell the T-shirt Boss “Done For You” Online Course

  • course slides that are expertly researched and written just for you. They’re totally customizable in Canva so you can edit, tweak, and brand
  • course script so all you have to do is read. The script tells you exactly what to teach to your students
  • Facebook script that will generate buzz for your course. Don’t know what to talk about during your live thats will get people excited about buying your course? Don’t worry! Our script will tell you exactly what to say
  • 5 done-for-you social media posts. No more wondering what to post on social media
  • course promotion ideas if you’ve ever struggled with content ideas that will help you sell your course
  • course description, who wants to spend weeks trying to write a product description instead of making money? Just copy and paste this professionally written course description.
  • email template, no more trying to figure out what to send to your email subscribers.
  • create custom shirt tags guide, the can be used as a lead magnet or bonus offer.
  • t-shirt order form, this can be used as a lead magnet or bonus offer.

Imagine! If you sold this course just 5 times at $100 each – you’d cover the cost of buying this course AND everything after that would be profit for you!

Do you think you could sell this course to 5 people? I know you can!

How Can You Use the T-shirt Boss “Done-For-You” Online Course

  • You can sell the course to your clients.
  • You can edit the content, add to content, or just sell the content as is.
  • You can put your personal name and business name on the content.
  • You can add your business logo to it and change the document colors.
  • You can bundle the course content with other your other paid programs.
  • You can use the content as a bonus to a paid product.
  • You can add the content to your paid membership programs.
  • You can add the content to your paid group coaching programs.
  • This content can be used as inspiration to create audio or video products.
  • You may publish it offline as a paid workshop, class, program, product.

What You CAN NOT do with OUR content 

  • You may not pass on the package or program in its original state as you have purchased it from us (in editable document format).
  • Your customers or clients may not give away or sell the content after purchasing from you.
  • You may not load the content up on Kindle as a book (that’s against Amazon’s terms of service and can get your account banned).
  • You may not give away, transfer, or sell your license to this content.
  • You may not give away, transfer, or sell resell rights or master resell rights.
  • You may not transfer the rights you have to your customer.

How do I remain unique and not look like a copycat using your content?

Our content may not be “unique” – but YOU are! Your stories, experiences, and the way you show up in the world is what makes you, you.

Which means that you and another coach can teach the exact same content, and it will be totally different.

During the course you’re also going to weave in your own experiences around the t-shirt business.

  • You might share a funny story about something you did that was a total flop, and what you did to fix it.
  • You might share your before and after stats so that they can see that the changes you made actually work.
  • You might share a case study of a client who followed all your steps and totally transformed their t-shirt business.

No one is going to teach the content the same way you do, or bring the same energy that you do.

And because all of our content is 100% customizable, you can edit all of the lessons as much or as little as you want. You can add in your own story, or take something out that doesn’t apply to your or your clients.

Plus, when it comes to standing out, you can create a unique course name that is just yours!

You will receive a separate email providing login instructions to the portal where your done-for-you course will be uploaded to on January 17 2022. If you don't receive any log in instructions, please notify us at our Contact Us page HERE

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