Bookkeeping For Crafters Masterclass

Bookkeeping For Crafters Masterclass

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How To Financially Budget, Organize, and Plan Your Business

Be honest! Do you try know how much your business is making or what you're spending it on?

Your business is only successful, if you're making profit. 

The answers to your success are in the numbers!

Now is the time for you to financially take control of your business finances so you can make better decisions that will grow your craft business.

You will learn:

How to track your income and expenses

How to budget for supplies, equipment, and marketing

How to keep your finances organized

How to start to build business credit

How and when to start paying yourself

Spreadsheets and worksheets provided

and soooo much more!

Disclaimer: I'm not a financial advisor, accountant or CPA. I'm just teaching what I've learned along the way through my mistakes and successes.