{BETA TEST} Luxe Brand Building Program: Create Your Very Own Luxury Handbag & Brand

{BETA TEST} Luxe Brand Building Program: Create Your Very Own Luxury Handbag & Brand

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Who wants to be a beta tester for my upcoming Luxe Brand Building Program?!

I am looking for 10 beta testers that I can personally help to create, design, and sell their very own luxury handbag so they can build a booming brand!

I will provide the exact things you need to know and give you my proven step by step formula to achieving a big and memorable brand that people will love!

As a beta tester you will receive EXCLUSIVE course information and coaching...you're pretty much getting the inside track and the behind the scenes of how to build a luxury brand!

I want this course to be my best course yet, so your feedback is required and necessary to ensure that it's just that!

As a beta tester, it's important for you to be ready to launch your luxury brand and handbags. I will also work extra hard for your testimonial and then I will use your case study as social proof for my course launch.

This is a time sensitive offer because we're getting started on Monday. Most importantly you will receive a significant discount of $500 off! Meaning to learn my EXACT strategies to building a luxury brand and handbag only $1000!

Phase 1: Branding

  • Developing a brand concept and identity
  • Creating a brand story and messaging
  • Designing a logo and visual identity
  • Developing a brand voice and tone
  • Understanding your target audience and customer personas

Phase 2: Designing

  • Researching trends and inspiration
  • Sketching and ideation
  • Creating technical drawings and specifications
  • Choosing materials and hardware
  • Finalizing designs and creating prototypes

Phase 3: Manufacturing

  • Sourcing and vetting manufacturers
  • Negotiating contracts and pricing
  • Quality control and testing
  • Managing production timelines and logistics
  • Developing relationships with suppliers and vendors

Phase 4: Creating a Luxury Experience

  • Understanding the luxury market and consumer behavior
  • Creating a cohesive brand experience across all touchpoints
  • Developing packaging and unboxing experiences
  • Creating a personalized and elevated customer service experience
  • Implementing a luxury pricing strategy

Phase 5: Launching

  • Developing a pre-launch strategy and timeline
  • Building buzz and anticipation through social media and PR
  • Creating a launch event or activation
  • Establishing partnerships and collaborations
  • Creating a post-launch follow-up plan

Phase 6: Marketing

  • Developing a marketing strategy and plan
  • Creating content for social media, email marketing, and advertising
  • Implementing SEO and SEM strategies
  • Developing influencer partnerships and collaborations
  • Measuring and analyzing results to optimize marketing efforts

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