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Etsy Shop Audit

Etsy Shop Audit

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Let us take a peek at your Etsy shop and let you know what's not working. 

Is your Etsy shop bringing in sales? If not it could be that your Etsy shop is not speaking to the hearts of your customers or you're not effectively using the Etsy platform. But don't worry, we can give you tips, strategies, and ideas on what you can do to improve your Etsy shop.

The Etsy audit is an in-depth analysis that helps sellers identify areas that need improvement and prioritize their efforts. The report will also give an insight on the competition, target audience and can help in creating a better strategy.

When you purchase the "Etsy Shop Audit,"  you will receive a detailed, comprehensive written report identifying areas of improvement and how to create a better strategy so you can reaching your Etsy shop goals. 

We don't guarantee that with the changes suggested that sales will increase due to the fact we're analyzing your shop in a snapshot view. However based on my success on Etsy and numerous of clients with successful Etsy shops, you're definitely moving in the right direction.

Please allow up to 14 business day for your audit report to be emailed to you.

In the notes section in checkout: Please provide the URL link to your Etsy shop



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