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Etsy Bootcamp: Learn How To Sell And Kill It On Etsy- Ebook

Etsy Bootcamp: Learn How To Sell And Kill It On Etsy- Ebook

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Do you see others raking in the cash on Etsy and wish you knew their secrets?

Well, listen up while I spill the beans!

The secret to successful selling is all in the tools and systems being used. It's that simple.

No longer can you just slap up some product listings and walk away, expecting that the people will come and buy. The Etsy world is just too big... 

Don't throw your hands up in the air and walk away just yet! It doesn't have to be frustrating or expensive to start bringing in the cash.

Not a techie? Barely treading water in this whole online internet thing? That's okay! I've got your back!

This ebook contains 4 modules.

 Module One

  • How to create a Winning Listing in your Etsy dashboard
  • How to find and add quality keywords to help with ranking and getting your listing found
  • Create the most attractive keyword rich title to draw your customers in
  • Learn the importance of choosing the right emotional trigger to encourage more people to buy
  • Learn how to include a strong "100% Guarantee Statement" with your product so your customer will feel secure when ordering
  • Learn how to set up a hassle free Return Policy to strengthen customer relations
  • Learn how to emphasize the features with benefits for your products to fully capture the interest of your visitors so they will have no questions about the value your product provides
  • 8 top tips that will have you on your way to getting recognized and sought after, regardless of whether you have never sold online before.

Module Two:

  • Learn where to find a secret weapon that will allow you to add unlimited products to your inventory, all without having to store a thing!
  • Learn how to quickly and easily add your designs onto searched for products without giving yourself a migraine
  • Step by step training for how to set up a facebook shop and sync with your Etsy store
  • Learn how to cut down your production time so you can concentrate more on the marketing of your shop
  • Learn how to re-size images and use text for sprucing up your images to make them more appealing

Module Three:


  • Swipe or copy 4 core page templates you will need to provide your customers with a better way to get to know you more
  • Learn how to share your story and draw your customers in to your world so they are open to purchasing from you and spreading the word about your products
  • Learn what works for upping your game and making your customers appreciate your product and services
  • Learn how to craft a Thank You page that can be used to sell more related products or affiliate opportunities which in turn will give you additional  streams of income without hardly any extra effort from you.

Module Four

  • Run through a Checklist that will walk you through all the crucial elements to creating listings and a Shop that stands out from the crowd
  • Learn how to find and join groups, participate in fun cross promotions, and gain more likes and followers
  • Learn how to be pro-active and market your shop like a pro, even if the thought of selling makes you want to run and hide
  • Learn how to get your mind right straight out of the gate so that you can plan and implement a winning strategy you can grow as you go

Getting started selling on Etsy has never been easier. After you have gone through this ebook, you will be wondering what other platform you can conquer next!

Are you ready to sell and kill it on Etsy?

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