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Manifest Your Dream Business Mastermind & Vision Board Party

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Manifest Your Dream Business Mastermind & Vision Board Party

Ladies if you're like me, you can't wait to see all the rewards and blessings 2022 is going to bring.

Dreaming + Visualizing + Hard Work= Manifestation 

Join me on  Saturday, January 29th from 7pm-9pm as we jump start 2022 by learning how to manifest bigger and better for our businesses.  

Have you heard of the terms “manifesting” or “law of attraction”? While some people think manifesting is a bunch of magic or woo woo garbage, those who believe in manifesting are using the process to increase their incomes and business profits.

What Does Manifesting Mean?

Manifesting is more than just wishing you had something and then expecting it to appear in your lap. The real process begins with claiming a goal and then recognizing the signs and opportunities that appear which can lead you to reaching that said goal.

Manifesting Still Requires Action

Lack of action can stall any goal and manifesting wealth will also stall unless you take daily action. You can certainly write a wish list of things you want to attract but you can’t just nap until these things appear. They certainly will NOT appear unless you work your business and look for opportunities to reach those goals.


On January 29th I will be teaching how I manifested close to a half of million dollars in sales in my craft business. We will....

* dig deep into your "big why" to stay motivated and manifest more

* simplify your goals and amplify your results with SMART goals

* pick powerful goals so you don't become "goal overwhelmed" and how to make the next 12 months your best ever

* visualize your next level for a major dose of manifesting magic with creating your vision board

* reframe your mindset so it's in alignment with the desires of your dreams

* adjust your relationship with money so you can manifest more money in your business. 

This Manifestation Mastermind is for you if you’re intrigued by the idea of manifesting more money into your life and into your business.

A FREE workbook will be provided the day of the mastermind to help you align manifesting with the goals of your business.

When you purchase your spot, you will receive a digital download that provides the Zoom link for the mastermind.

A replay link will be sent out within 48 hours from the live mastermind.







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