About Me


The internet is full of coaches and trainers for financial
needs, health and fitness, spiritual and emotional
development. However,
Where is the help for the aspiring crafter?
Where can a crafter get the tools they need to convert a
crafting hobby into a very high yielding profitable
Where is the place like-minded female entrepreneurs
can grow together and discuss ideas?
Where is a place where you can learn the techniques
and skills that can take you to another level?
And most importantly where is the place for crafters to
be taught all the details and fine tuning that is required
to have the successful business of their dreams. A place
where they are inspired by others as well as challenged.
Well look no more. You have arrived at your



Hi, I’m Quiana Duckett, the CEO and Creative
Business coach behind Craft Sisters University. Craft
Sisters University (affectionately known as CSU) was
birthed from my love and passion for crafting.
Through years of hard work and the desire to break
away from my 9-5, I started on a path to seek
marketing knowledge, sales techniques, and began
developing a network that ultimately turned my
passion to a high level six-figure career.

Over 4 years ago, my first company, Teeny Toes and
Bows (TTB), launched my journey. While working my
full-time job, along with being a wife and mother, I
spent countless years designing products and learning
EVERYTHING I could to grow my business. You see,
my degree has nothing to do with what I’m doing
today. When you see the words “self-taught” in the
dictionary, my picture should be right next to it.
That’s right, from my first website, to setting up my
Etsy shop, teaching myself Cricut and sublimation.

One evening, I taught a class at a local Michaels store
on sublimation. The response from the students was off
the charts and right then and there the bug for teaching
bit me. I knew I was on to something. Crafters were
longing for someone not just to teach them crafting but
to address their needs of finding different ways to
market and elevate their businesses. Shortly thereafter,
Craft Sisters University was born.

Why CSU?

Have you ever thought?
• I want to take a course but I’m afraid it won’t be worth
Please check out our website and read the several
testimonials. Courses at CSU are exceptional values. I design
them with the spirit of how I would want to be taught.
• I wish I could find somewhere that would tell me
everything I needed to get started and have the tools in
one place.
At CSU, we talk about establishing business licenses, email list,
vendors as well as the importance of social media engagements
and e-books. Our goal is to move you to the Crafter Life of
Your Dreams!