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Start Your Recession Proof T-Shirt Business

Start Your Recession Proof T-Shirt Business

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Imagine starting a successful t-shirt business that cost little to no start up costs and end up making $500 per week.

Is it possible?

I'll show you all my secrets.

I know, it sounds too good to be true....

That's what I thought too, before I took the leap of faith and started my t-shirt business.

As you might imagine, when I first started making t-shirts I had no clue what I was doing!

I made EVERY mistake possible

Learn from my mistakes and build a recession proof t-shirt brand TODAY!

Learn 3 different methods that you can start with little to no start up costs, also LEARN.....

💪🏽 why you should you start a tshirt brand
💪🏽 how to identify your target audience
💪🏽 equipment and supplies needed to get started
💪🏽 how to create designs even if you’re not creative
💪🏽 how to create your designs in Canva
💪🏽 how to order your screen print transfers
💪🏽 how to press screen print transfers on your shirt
💪🏽 how to create neck labels for your shirts
💪🏽 how to create hang tags for your shirts
💪🏽 how to create mock-ups
💪🏽 how to create a style board
💪🏽 how to photograph your shirts
💪🏽 how to price your shirts
💪🏽 how to package your shirts
💪🏽 how to sell your shirts
💪🏽 how to market your shirts
💪🏽 how to set up your Shopify store
💪🏽 how to fund your t-shirt business


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